E.S.R.G. Knights of the Kitchen Table

The Board and Roleplaying association in Eindhoven

Who we are

Eindhovens Studenten Rollenspel Genootschap Knights of the Kitchen Table, or just the Knights, is the student board- and roleplaying game association of Eindhoven. Do you love board games, or do you enjoy letting your imagination run in a good roleplaying game? Then we are the place to be!

Every week multiple boardgames are being played. Well known games such as Catan and Ticket to Ride, but also lesser known games such as Race for the Galaxy, Big Book of Madness, Kingsburg, Terraforming Mars and over 250 others.

We also feature several roleplaying campaigns, as well as a one-shot roleplaying evening every month. Not only the well known Dungeons and Dragons, but also Pathfinder, Blades in the Dark, World of Darkness, and more.

This all takes place from our own association room, in the Luna building on the TU/e campus. In this room, members are often playing a board game or a roleplaying game, doing homework or just casually hanging around during both afternoons and evenings.

Association activities

We have many different activities mostly taking place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting at 19:15. Every Tuesday we have our Board Game night where we come together and play board games. On Wednesday we have differing activities ranging from One-shot Roleplaying Game evenings to Story Telling Workshops and various others like Christmas dinners, bowling and dicebag making.

Do you want to get a taste of our association? Then join us at one of our Board Game or Roleplaying Evenings! You can see our activity schedule here.

Tabletop Roleplay

Always wanted to go wild without repercussions? Try a roleplaying game!

In (tabletop) roleplaying games, you envision yourself as a different character who, along with others, goes on a journey guided by a story teller (also known as Dungeon Master or game master). This ST describes everything and everyone you encounter along the way. From the deep caves of Ckbaktar, the empty galaxy on your way to Alpha Centauri, to the abandoned village of your family. The world is unlimited, the possibilities unrestrained.

One-shot roleplaying

One-shots are roleplaying games which consist of only one session. At the end of the session the story is concluded (good endings not guaranteed).

Every month, usually on the first wednesday, we host a one-shot roleplay evening. Here multiple of our ST’s present their story concepts which they will ‘run’. Members then decide which they want to join. Want to try it yourself? Drop by for free to experience the taste of adventure!

Roleplay Campaigns

The Knights host multiple continuous campaigns. These are running stories spread over multiple (often bi-weekly) sessions.

At the beginning of every semester (usually October and March) a Looking for Group is hosted. On this evening players looking for a campaign and STs looking for players are united.

The association provides every campaign with material (minis, maps, books, etc) and a room to host the campaign in.


Every Tuesday evening we host boardgame evening where many of our members drop by for a fun game. This can be any of our many short games such as the Big Dalmuti and Fantasy Realms, or normal length games such as Suburbia, Catan, Dominion and Dungeon Lords, to the 3 hour games such as Nations, Terra Mystica, and Battlestar Gallactica the boardgame. These evening start at 19:15, it’s best to arrive before this time as late arrival can result in all players already playing a game.

Is one evening not enough to saturate your lust for strategy? No worries. Many of our members also play during the afternoons and other evenings. One of the advantages of having our own space; the games are always waiting to be played.

For some, even this can not be enough. Therefore, at the end of every TU/e quartile we host long boardgame days where you can play games all day long, or just one long game of 5+ hours such as Twilight Imperium or the Game of Thrones boardgame.

Still haven’t had your fix? Maybe you’re up for a 12+ hour boardgame such as Virgin Queen or Here I Stand. Although you may want to choose a date yourself in summer- or christmas break.

Are you interested in knowing all of the boardgames we have at the Knights and can be played by members of the Knights? Check our boardgame inventory.


At the Knights there are also fans of Life Action Roleplaying, more commonly known as LARP. A Larp is similar to tabletop roleplaying, where instead of describing your actions, you actually use your body to do your actions. Almost like theater, except the players are also the audience.

Larp Swordfighting Practice

All year long, the Knights host a bi-weekly LARP swordfighting practice on Thursday with (foam) LARP swords. Training will be given on using the swords in a safe, but visually cool way. Competitions are also semi-regularly held.

Brass Scissors: Arts & Crafts

Our association aids in making and expanding costumes as well. Every month members gather for the Brass Scissors day where they can go to for aid with where to find the right materials and cutting and sewing the materials together to form your LARP costume, as well as working on other fun arts and crafts projects!

Fantasy Court

The Knights also organize the yearly Fantasy Court Festival, which expresses the Fantasy and LARP culture. During this festival there will be LARP associations present, as well as stands with LARP clothing, tabletop roleplay and other fantasy themed products (even self-made). There will also be music, dance, a swordfighting tournament and more. Stay tuned by visiting their website.

Want to join?

Are you interested and want to experience us? Come drop by any Tuesday or roleplay Wednesday and see for yourself for free. You can find us in the basement of Luna on the TU/e campus. (Enter the big blue door left to the Spar and right next to hubble and descend the stairs in the back.) You can view all our activities in our calendar.

If you are convinced that you want to become a member, you can fill in the registration form. Are you studying outside of Eindhoven? Please contact the board at bestuur@kotkt.nl since the process of becoming a member is slightly different.

Membership is €30,- for the entire year or €18,- when you join after the start of the 2nd semester of the TU/e.

We hope to see you soon. Till then!